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Yoga Teacher Training

We offer yoga lovers just like you an opportunity to teach beginning Ashtanga Yoga with confidence. Get started with our 12-week, 100-hour school.
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Meditation Teacher Training


Deepen your personal practice as you grow into a confident, competent, and compassionate meditation teacher. Our 16-week, 100-hour program is suitable for meditators all levels.

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Life Coaching

                                                                                      Like a personal trainer for your life. Our coaches will motivate, empower, and challenge you to live your best life. Sort out your priorities, get organized, and be held accountable.

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Wellness Courses

Learn to improve your health and wellness. Each course is 10 days long and includes a video, printable download, and an audio-only version. Topics include things like "How to Worry Less" and "The Power of Purpose."


Online Chakra Course

Learn about the energy centers in your body, how they work, and how to keep them healthy. This short course is packed with useful information and practical tips - including yoga asanas (poses) to open each chakra!

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