Learn to improve your health and wellness

How to Worry Less

This course is full of ideas and techniques for stopping worry. Some of them are very quick. Others may take practice to implement. But you're bound to find several that will help you reduce the worry in your life.

How to Worry Less

The Power of Purpose

This course is designed to help you identify - and then live - your life's purpose. Learn why living with purpose is important and how it can improve your health and happiness.

The Power of Purpose

Become a Better Negotiator

Whether you're haggling the price of a souvenir from a merchant on the beach, getting your teenager to come home on time, or making a major investment purchase, learn how to get the best deal you can!

Become a Better Negotiator

Video Lessons

Each lesson in every course has its own short video. Watch as many times as you need.

Downloadable Handouts

Each lesson in every course comes with a downloadable handout for you to print and keep. 

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