Meditation Teacher Training


Registration opens June 6th.

​Do you long for greater peace in your life through deepening your meditation practice?

Do you feel called to share the gifts of meditation with the world?

Is it time for you to take your seat as a meditation teacher?


Open Door’s Meditation Teacher Training is designed both to deepen your personal experience of meditation and to prepare you to teach others. Our program is suitable for students of any experience level, including beginners. In keeping with our diversity focus, our approach is inter-faith, welcoming students from any spiritual path or none. Our small class size ensures that you will receive the individual attention you need to grow into a confident meditation teacher.

Over this 16-week course, you will have the opportunity to develop your own, personal, consistent meditation practice. You will learn over 15 different meditation styles, as well as how to write your own guided meditations. 

You will find your individual, comfortable posture for longer meditations and learn how to assist your students in finding theirs. You will study various topics including Neuroscience, Issues Arising in Meditation, and Business and Ethics. You will practice writing guided meditations, designing meditation classes, compassionate communication, and how to become a teacher who supports and empowers others.

Whether you are training to become a meditation teacher/facilitator or seeking to expand and enhance your personal practice, our program will help you take your meditation practice to the next level. Upon successful completion of our program, you will receive a certificate as a Certified Meditation Teacher.


I agree with the Dalai Lama when he said, “If every child in the world would be taught meditation, we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Except that I would add adults to that statement, as well.

Recall for a moment how it feels to be truly relaxed – maybe right after meditation, or just getting out of a warm bath, or whatever helps you feel calm. Now imagine what the world would be like if all of us felt that way most of the time.

Here's just a partial list of scientifically proven benefits of meditation:​

  • Reduces physical pain.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Eases inflammation.
  • Reduces heart risk.
  • Increases gray matter.
  • Cultivates willpower.
  • Builds focus and concentration. 
  • Boosts cognitive function.
  • Builds self-knowledge.
  • Helps relationship satisfaction.
  • Increases compassion. 
  • Improves empathy.
  • Eases depression. 
  • Changes the brain physically – for the better.
  • Reduces loneliness.
  • Cuts emotional reactivity.
  • Fosters a healthy body image. 
  • Eases stress and anxiety.
  • Helps sleep.

In this training, you will learn how to take your own meditation practice to the next level, and how to share meditation with others. You will gain the experience to feel confident either teaching a class or leading a guided meditation.

You will learn the following:​

  • Meditation Posture (including for special populations)
  • Keeping a Consistent Meditation Practice
  • Over 15 Meditation Styles
  • Using Malas
  • Writing Guided Meditations
  • Using Mantra and Chanting
  • Neuroscience of Meditation
  • Using Sound and Music
  • Meditating with Children and Adolescents
  • Using Mudras
  • Issues Arising in Meditation
  • How to Teach Meditation
  • Business and Ethics

The Open Door Advantages

  • Suitable for All Experience Levels
  • Small Class Size
  • Individual Attention
  • Diversity Focus
  • Learn Meditation from a Zen Master
  • Lifetime Access!



The course is delivered through recorded video workshops, written handouts, and two books. Live, online video meetings - both group and private - are available depending on the option chosen.

New video workshops will be available each week on Thursday. You will continue to have access to these workshops for as long as Open Door offers this course.

The optional live, online group meetings are 1 hour per week. This is your opportunity to ask questions of the teacher(s) and interact with your classmates. If you can’t attend live, you can submit questions ahead of time, and recordings will be available following the event.

Each week, you will complete a short, online assessment. This is designed to help you stay on track and to alert me if you’re having difficulty with the material. An “incorrect” answer merely presents a new opportunity for learning.

In addition, you will be required to do some readings, keep track of your personal meditation practice, and attend meditation classes either in person or online with a variety of instructors.

Time Commitment

The 100-hour course is broken down as follows, over 16 weeks:
  • 30 hours – Recorded workshops
  • 15 hours – Optional, live, online meetings
  • 10 hours – Meditation classes from different teachers, with Journal Entries
  • 10 hours – Reading assignments
  • 5 hours – Half-Day Silent Retreat, with Journal Entries. This is pre-recorded and may be completed any time after week 10.
  • 30 hours – Personal Meditation Practice, with Journal Entries


"So grateful..."

"I was at a place where I really wanted to deepen my meditation practice and how I shared it with others. When I saw that Open Door Yoga was offering a 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training I decided to join. Over the four months we explored many different kinds of meditations from many perspectives and traditions. I was pushed to expand beyond my comfort zone and was able to deepen my practice and capacity to be able to guide others. I am so grateful to Myodo. She was always prepared and has created a course that is thoughtful and expansive."

- Mary Beth Fletcher

"Enthusiastically recommend..."

"Although I was initially looking forward to the Meditation Teacher Training course at Open Door, I did not know what to expect or how much of the information would be helpful or add to what I already knew about meditation.

As I have completed the course, I can honestly say that I have learned much more than I knew and have increased my knowledge base. The course was both informative and challenging. I learned not only from the instructor, Myodo Jabo, but also from the other members of our group, all of whom have diverse areas of interest.

Another reason for taking the Open Door Meditation Teacher Training course was to increase my breadth of knowledge and to deepen my own practice. Both goals were met for me. Myodo not only presented a background of Buddhist meditation practices, but also Hindu and yogic traditions. As I am a secular practitioner, I also appreciated the section on “Neuroscience of Meditation.”

I would enthusiastically recommend the Open Door Meditation Teacher Training course for anyone considering training others in meditation or looking to learn more about other meditation traditions.

Thank you Myodo and Open Door Yoga."

- Alan Wager, MA LMFT

"I learned so much..."

"My experience with Open Door Meditation Teacher attaining was AWESOME! Myodo is a great teacher! She is very organized, open to suggestion, thoughts and personal theories. I learned so much with all the material offered. I loved that she would explain topics with her experience and relatable stories for better understanding. I appreciate her guidance. Personally, I was apprehensive that maybe I didn’t fit. Myodo made me feel valued and understood.

am grateful, my confidence in Meditation has grown as well as in my own meditation practice. Thank you for this time Myodo!!"

- Paulette Gonzalez

"Highly recommend..."

"Myodo exceeded my expectations for my meditation certification. Myodo is so very knowledgeable with great, positive energy! She makes each class interesting and gives great personal examples. She is inspiring and just so lovely to talk with. I have become a better teacher overall with the help of her trainings. I highly recommend this meditation course to anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge, ability and skills for their meditation practice and teaching."



  • 31 Pre-recorded video workshops, valued at $1,085.
  • A graded quiz following each workshop, valued at $620.​
  • Handouts of course material, including illustrations where relevant, valued at $279.
  • Half-Day Silent Retreat, valued at $50.​


or four monthly payments of $184.75 after a $200 Deposit


  • 31 Pre-recorded video workshops, valued at $1,085.
  • A graded quiz following each workshop, valued at $620.
  • Handouts of course material, including illustrations where relevant, valued at $279.
  • Half-Day Silent Retreat, valued at $50.
  • 15 live, online group Q & A sessions with Venerable Myodo, valued at $1,500.
  • Have your recorded practice meditation class reviewed by Ven. Myodo, valued at $100.​


or four monthly payments of $204.75 after a $200 Deposit


  • 31 Pre-recorded video workshops, valued at $1,085.
  • A graded quiz following each workshop, valued at $620.
  • Handouts of course material, including illustrations where relevant, valued at $279.
  • Half-Day Silent Retreat, valued at $50.
  • 15 live, online group Q & A sessions with Venerable Myodo, valued at $1,500.
  • Have your live practice meditation class reviewed by Ven. Myodo, valued at $200.​
  • 2 one-on-one online meetings with Ven. Myodo, valued at $400.


or four monthly payments of $304.75 after a $200 Deposit

Additional Amounts:
2 Books: available on Amazon for under $30.
10 Hours of Required Meditation Classes with a variety of teachers: cost depends on the classes you select. Free classes can usually be found in most locations.


Hi! I’m Myodo Jabo (Sandy Gougis). I’m the owner of Open Door, and a Buddhist Priest and Zen Master in the Five Mountain Zen Order. I’ve been meditating since 1998 and teaching it since 2008. It’s my great privilege to be the Guiding Teacher of an ever-growing number of Zen Centers in Southern California.

I got into meditation when I was going through a painful divorce. (Has anyone every gone through a “painless” divorce?) Meditation helped me to forgive myself for my role in the dissolution of the marriage, and ultimately, to forgive my ex-husband so I could stop walking around all hurt and angry.

Fast-forward 14 years, and I faced another test of meditation’s effectiveness. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on my 48th birthday. I was mutilated (bilateral mastectomy), poisoned (chemotherapy), and burned (radiation) in the name of healing. I also received Reiki, acupuncture, prayers from people of at least five different faiths, nutritional counseling, and hypnotherapy. And, of course, I meditated.

I recall one morning in particular during chemo. I woke before dawn and wanted to do a Tibetan sky-gazing meditation. It was a tantric practice on Prajna Paramita, a feminine archetype of wisdom energy, whose practice is normally performed at sunrise and sunset. My now-and-forever husband propped me up in bed on some pillows while I tried desperately not to vomit. I meditated looking out the window and watching the sky turn from black to pink to blue. I forgot my nausea. There was only my meditation.

Cancer turned out to be a three-year initiation for me. If meditation didn’t save my life, it certainly saved my sanity.

Shortly after treatment ended, while I was still going through various reconstructive surgeries, I was ordained as a Zen Buddhist Priest. Having seen how much meditation had helped me, I started teaching more frequently.

Now I train teachers because humanity needs more meditation and calmness. The world needs more calmness. And we need more diversity in the voices teaching meditation. I’m only one person, one voice. I can only speak from my own experience. I want to help others find their teaching styles and authentic voices. May meditation and peace spread across the earth like a healing balm.

In addition to running Open Door, teaching meditation, and leading Zen centers, I’m also a Reiki Master, lover of good books and hot tea, and a rescuer of stray animals. My Zen Order’s motto is "How may I help you?" I’ve adopted that as one of my own, the others being “Wag more, bark less,” and “Live like someone left the gate open!” You’re welcome to check out my often-neglected blog at


Q: When does the course begin?

A: Our next cohort will begin summer of 2022.

Q: What’s the workload? How many hours per week will I need to commit?

A: In addition to the hour-long weekly meeting, you will have 2-3 hours worth of videos to watch, about an hour of reading to do (depending on your reading speed), and your personal meditation practice.

Q: How much time do I need to meditate each day?

A: If you meditate every day of the course, 15 minutes per day is sufficient. However, I recommend that you vary the length of your meditations to see how you feel afterwards.

Q: Are there any breaks in the course?

A: No. We do not pause for holidays, so please check your schedule before enrolling.

Q: How can I prepare ahead of time for the course?

A: Once you have been accepted, you will be given the names of the books we will use. You can begin to read those. The other way to prepare ahead of time is simply to develop and maintain a regular meditation practice.

Q: Will I receive a printed certificate at the end of the course?

A: Yes. Each graduate will receive a printed, full-color certificate by mail.

Q: What is the cancellation/refund policy?

A: If you need to cancel for any reason, you will receive a full refund minus a $200 cancelation fee, provided you cancel by the first day of class. There are no refunds after that date.

Q: Are there prerequisites for this course?

A: No, everyone is welcome. Even beginning meditators can learn to meditate and to teach meditation from this course.

Q: What happens if I fall behind?

A: Let me know right away, and I will help you develop a plan to catch up. Worse case scenario, you may continue the course after the end date. You will have access to all materials for the lifetime of the course.

Q: Can I “fail” this course?

A: The only way to fail the course is not to complete it. Provided you take the assessments, complete your meditation logs, and complete your meditation class logs, you can pass.


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