5 Things to Consider When Choosing Who to Spend Your Holidays With

The holidays are undoubtedly a time when you want to spend as many hours as possible doing memorable things with those you love most.

Growing up, you likely became accustomed to the holidays being all about family. However, as times changed, you also developed many relationships with friends who you are very close to.

On one hand, you’re pulled towards observing the tradition of being with your family. On the other hand, you feel the desire to share the holidays with those other special people in your life.

So how do you choose?

Consider these aspects when trying to decide who to spend your holidays with:

  1. Meaning of the season. In order to decide who to spend your holidays with, it’s important to first consider the meaning of the season to you. Is it about sharing gifts and time with loved ones? Or is it about going out and having a blast with an exciting holiday vacation?
  • One thing’s for sure: it’s about the...
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