About Us

"We welcome you with an open door and open arms" 

The History of Open Door

The seeds of Open Door were planted when founder Melanie Yetter took her first yoga class in 2003. She was dealing with clinical depression and hoping to find an alternative to medication. She traveled to Mysore, India for training, and through meditation practice, her yoga became more spiritual. Upon returning to California, she began to teach a traditional form of yoga, meditation, and prānāyāma (breath work).

Our group grew quickly and we needed more room. Although Melanie wasn't actively looking for a space, she trusted that when the time was right it would come. One afternoon in the Pomona Arts Colony, she saw a For Lease sign. The space wasn't right but the agent asked if Melanie would like to see another spot across the street. As soon as she walked in, Melanie sensed that she had found home. She signed the papers two weeks later. We had nothing in mind, nothing in place, no schedule, just loving intention. The doors opened to all on Friday, August 15, 2014.

"Open Door is a welcoming space. The aspiration of our community is to be all-embracing of each member on their own path, their own journey, whatever that may be. It is about hope. Here is a place where you are free to be vulnerable and accepted for who you are. I have hope for the future of Open Door, but I never put my expectations in growth. It will become what it is going to be.

"It is the sum of the Community, so it is up to the Community. It is the sum of All of Us. That is what makes it Open Door."
​ - Melanie Yetter

Open Door was purchased by Ven. Dr. Myodo Jabo (Sandy Gougis) on January 2, 2018. Roshi Myodo has been teaching meditation at Open Door since it first opened, and is thrilled by the opportunity to continue to offer meditation and yoga first in Pomona and now online.

What people are saying about Open Door

"I have been attending both meditation and yoga classes at Open Door for quite sometime. The excellent options they offer have allowed me to tailor a program that works well for me as a senior with a busy schedule. The teachers are knowledgeable, professional and caring in every way. Just walk through the door and you can sense the genuine love and compassion that fuels Open Door."

- Q.L. Pearce

"Open Door is much more than a yoga studio or meditation center. It is a community that welcomes seekers from all realms of life. Our pasts may differ, but we strive to guide our futures toward peace, compassion, wellness, and growth. The yoga and meditation classes are taught by teachers with ample experience and dedication to their students. I have gained many new friends through the Open Door community, for which I'm eternally grateful!"

- Anne C

"Open Door is a fantastic resource for yoga and meditation. They are very well rounded and have a variety classes depending on your needs and what you are looking for. When you feel it is time to genuinely take care of yourself, I highly suggest you give Open Door a try."

- Robert S

"I walked into Open Door Yoga today and instantly knew that I was going to have a good experience. I tried out beginners meditation because I needed to quiet my mind from all of the excitement, stress and change I am currently encountering. This session did just that. I've decided to spoil myself with things that will positively impact my present and future being. Open Door Yoga was genuine, peaceful and just what I was looking for. I plan on becoming a regular here, I deserve it after living through a tough year."

- Ann G.

"Open Door 2 Yoga is just as the name implies, it is very inviting! You will feel welcomed the minute you step through the door. All the instructors are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Each one teaches a different style of yoga. There is a class for everyone and for every level. This is not a conventional yoga studio. Melanie, the owner, also teaches meditation and breathwork. I am new to meditation but I am well aware of the health and emotional benefits one can gain by practicing. It is located in the eclectic part of downtown Pomona and it is as cute as can be! If you are looking for a studio to start your yoga practice or one to enhance your practice, or if you would like to explore meditation, this is the studio to visit. You will not be disappointed!"

- Aida T.

"I have to say I have never tried yoga or meditation before I came here. I had a really bad case of anxiety from work. I really thought something was wrong with me. After my first breathing & meditation class on Thursday @ 5:30 pm. I realized every time I got anxiety I stopped breathing or I would start breathing from my mouth which just made the anxiety worse. After I learned just a few different techniques, my anxiety started to go away along with most stress as well. After a few classes I started doing yoga and now I'm hooked!! :) the positive changes in my life are astounding. The teachers and the friends you make here are life long and unforgettable. I recommend anyone who is overwhelmed,  stressed, lost, sad or just needs someone to talk to. Come here and sit with us :) we love new people!"

- Ruben D.

"This mediation/yoga/shop is in a beautiful, tranquil space.  I stopped in for a beginning meditation class after seeing a review on Yelp. And boy, am I glad I did. The instructor, Melanie, was open, funny, and "real." The class was taught in a group setting, and Melanie began with an explanation of the process and answered questions before starting the practice of meditation. I was extremely impressed with Melanie's qualifications and training, and her ability to teach the process. The other people in the class were also kind and supportive. It is absolutely wonderful to be able to come to a place of serenity, peace, and love.  Plus, they have great products in their shop, including scented soaps, essential oils, and incense. I will be returning!"

- Elizabeth L.